TimeToBattle Rules

1. No griefing or stealing other people's builds or items.

a. This includes stealing from or griefing areas outside of claims.
b. We will rollback instances of griefing if we discover them.

2. No cheating, using mods, x-ray or abusing bugs for your benefit.

a. The exception to "no using mods" are performance enhancing mods. No other mods are permitted.
b. Examples of performance mods: OptiFine, OptiFabric, Sodium, Lithium, etc.
c. "Abusing bugs" refers to both Minecraft and Server bugs.

3. Don't argue, spam, provoke, or otherwise act in a toxic manner.

a. Please refrain from swearing too excessively.
b. Don't insult other players or argue.
c. PvP requires consent from both parties.
d. Strictly no talk about politics, religion, or other controversial topics in chat.
e. Racism and homophobia are not tolerated and will result in an immediate ban.

4. Builds & farms must not create excessive lag on the server.

a. Do not leave Withers and Ender Dragons unkilled when spawned.
b. Farms & repeating redstone devices must have an off-switch.
c. No contraptions utilising bugs (e.g: zero ticking).
d. Limit yourself to a maximum of 100 mobs of each type in an area.

5. Mod decisions are final. Do not circumvent them or account share.

a. Account sharing is not allowed full stop; one player per account, one account per player.
b. Alt accounts will be banned to enforce this.
c. Ban evasion is not allowed.
d. Back-seat modding is not allowed.

6. All players must respect the economy of the server.

a. Diamonds can only be traded in exchange for 75Ƀ.
b. Elytra can only be traded in exchange for 3000Ƀ.
c. Don't gift Elytra, Diamond or Netherite gear to new players.
d. "new players" means players who have not played enough to earn those items by themselves.

Breaking the rules will result in a warning being logged on your account. Accumulating three warnings will result in a ban.

Some rule violations such as cheating, ban evading or extreme toxicity may warrant an immediate ban regardless of the amount of warnings on your account.

To file a ban appeal, please use the “Contact” form and specify “Ban Appeal” as the topic. Include details about your case such as the reason.