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Welcome To!


Survive & thrive in our SMP world, with claims and set homes


Bored of just surviving? Head off on a quest to the Battle Bastion


Build a base, or a city! Or get creative on our Creative plot world.


Put your combar skills to the test in Sphere Battles & Battle Royale

Latest Announcements

Hey @everyone,
We have a number of big updates for the TimeToBattle community today that have been rolled out and will be being rolled out over the next few days.

**Our new look**
Time to Battle has had a much-needed visual overhaul. We have a new, clean logo and brand scheme. We hope you like it!

**Follow us on our new social media!**
We'll be posting daily updates to these new channels with content showing off the server!

**You can now connect using Minecraft Bedrock Edition**
You can now play on TimeToBattle from the iOS, Android and Windows 10 Bedrock versions of the game, as well as Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PlayStation (with some setup:
This is accomplished through the use of the Geyser plugin and won't have any affect on Java players (aside from the possible welcoming of new Bedrock players!)

If you'd like to try it out, you can connect with IP: ""

Existing Java players should then link their account with Bedrock edition:
• Type /linkaccount on your Java Account
• Note down the code given
• Log out of Java and into Bedrock using the IP above
• When you're in, type /linkaccount followed by the code given
• Your stuff will be synced!
Note Rule #5 applies here (one account per player, one player per account, so if you plan on playing with both Java and Bedrock you must link!)
Thanks to the one and only Pleuvior for setting this up! 😅

Quick tip for playing on iOS/Android: It's a lot easier to use /survival, /hub, /sb, /br, /creative, /bastion to navigate between servers rather than using the menus!

**That's all!**
We're planning on running some promotion campaigns via social media, so hopefully maybe we'll see a few new faces around! Thank you!
~ Admin team

Hey folks, there'll be some brief maintenance this evening while we perform some service upgrades and add a new feature.
I'll detail this all in an announcement once we're out of maintenance, which should be in around 30 minutes to an hour.

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