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Survive & thrive in our SMP world, with claims and set homes


Bored of just surviving? Head off on a quest to the Battle Bastion


Build a base, or a city! Or get creative on our Creative plot world.


Put your combar skills to the test in Sphere Battles & Battle Royale

Latest Announcements

Hello, @everyone!
I'm proud to announce that we've done some updates on the server today and we have a BRAND NEW spawn area on the server, built by the awesome <@!478578380216729601>, <@!480366898727616512> & <@!384791697122394112>.

Check out our new Survival spawn at "/spawn" on the server.

Join us on...
• "" (Java)
• "" (Bedrock)

Additionally, courtesy of <@!384434790524256256> and <@!480366898727616512> there's a new Nether hub under construction, too.
Thank you - and enjoy! Join us on the server now for some brief celebrations.

Good afternoon,
There's a brief period of downtime happening while we prepare an update to the spawn region on the Survival world!
Thank you!

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