Time to Battle: Adventure Update

Get ready for adventure!

Time to Battle - Adventure Update is the first major content update for the server, bringing the spirit of adventure to the server. It releases on the 28th of October at 2pm GMT, 2020 and will bring with it a plethora of new features and improvements!

What’s new?

There’s a ton of new things coming in the update! We’ve broken down what’s changing below. Click one to reveal more information.

The Battle Bastion

Enter the Battle Bastion; a procedurally generated 100-floored tower.
Each floor contains monsters to fight as well as a special boss monster defending the next floor.
Inside the bastion you will find special loot, equipment and drops. Completing the battle bastion also ties in with the quest system; you’ll earn rewards for completing quests, too.

Complete Quests

A new quest giver has arrived at spawn - and he’s looking for interested adventurers to complete quests for him.
Complete quests by meeting certain criteria, finding or crafting items and exploring the world and ascending the Battle Bastion in exchange for special rewards and BattleBonds!

Get Creative

We’re adding a creative plot world to the server!
This world features big plots and WorldEdit, so you’ll have plenty of room to flex those creative muscles!
Maybe you’d like to see how something looks before you build it on survival, or just want to goof around in creative. Either way - the new creative world is for you.

Enjoy upgraded classics

We haven’t forgotten about Sphere Battles or Battle Royale either!
The original set of Sphere Battles maps has been completely remade.
We’ve added Supply Caches to Battle Royale, another way of gearing up. We’ve also made significant adjustments to the map.
In addition, a number of kit balance changes have been made on Sphere Battles. Check the Sphere Battles page closer to release for more information.

Rewards for Supporters

We have opened a new way to allow people to support the hosting and development of the server with the new Supporter rank! By supporting Time to Battle on Patreon, you’ll gain a fancy new tag with early access to test games and special cosmetic benefits and rewards.
More Information

Improvements & Polish

We’ve officially moved to brand new server hardware! This will see significantly improved performance network wide.
Along with that, we’ve upgraded our claims plugin GriefPrevention to GriefDefender (don’t worry, they are very similar!) and updated our website with all-new information and guides. Plus there’s a new server hub & challenges!