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Survive & thrive in our SMP world, with claims and set homes


Bored of just surviving? Head off on a quest to the Battle Bastion


Build a base, or a city! Or get creative on our Creative plot world.


Put your combar skills to the test in Sphere Battles & Battle Royale

Latest Announcements

Hello everyone! is now updated and running Minecraft 1.17.1!

• The Diamond Standard is now in effect from today. You can buy diamonds at spawn for 70 Battle Bonds and sell them for 50 Battle bonds (pictured)
• The world border has expanded to 30,000~ blocks (from 25,000~). That means you can now travel to x=+/-15,000 and z=+/-15,000
• You can quickly get out there with "/warp new_world_east" and "/warp new_world_west"
• You can now add members plots in towns. /town
• You can now claim chunks using the /map
• Fixed towns, homes & warps not showing up on the dynmap ()
• Fixed a few protection issues with claims
• Battle Bastion and Sphere Battles have been removed for the time being
• The chat plugin has been changed; join messages have been removed for now.
• Updated sleeping messages
• Removed Discord <-> Minecraft linking for now.

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ℹ️ Minecraft 1.17 has been released

WHAT THIS MEANS: When launching Minecraft you will need to make sure you have version 1.16.5 selected or you won't be able to join the server. To make a 1.16.5 installation click "Installations" --> "New Installation" --> select "Release 1.16.5" as the Version. Then hit save and select this new installation as the one you want to use.

WHEN ARE WE UPDATING: As soon as PaperMC is available for 1.17 and we have tested plugin performance & compatibility. It will require some downtime during the upgrade process.

WHAT DOES 1.17 ADD: Copper, candles, amethyst & a crap ton more stuff to build with!

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