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Welcome To!


Survive & thrive in our SMP world, with claims and set homes


Bored of just surviving? Head off on a quest to the Battle Bastion


Build a base, or a city! Or get creative on our Creative plot world.


Put your combar skills to the test in Sphere Battles & Battle Royale

Latest Announcements

ℹ️ Minecraft 1.17 has been released

WHAT THIS MEANS: When launching Minecraft you will need to make sure you have version 1.16.5 selected or you won't be able to join the server. To make a 1.16.5 installation click "Installations" --> "New Installation" --> select "Release 1.16.5" as the Version. Then hit save and select this new installation as the one you want to use.

WHEN ARE WE UPDATING: As soon as PaperMC is available for 1.17 and we have tested plugin performance & compatibility. It will require some downtime during the upgrade process.

WHAT DOES 1.17 ADD: Copper, candles, amethyst & a crap ton more stuff to build with!

Regarding 1.17,
We are looking forward to updating as soon as the necessary server software (paper) is available. We intend to either regenerate non-built-on chunks or expand the World Border.
Please be patient until that time when we will make further announcements!
Thank you!

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