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Survive & thrive in our SMP world, with claims and set homes


Bored of just surviving? Head off on a quest to the Battle Bastion


Build a base, or a city! Or get creative on our Creative plot world.


Put your combar skills to the test in Sphere Battles & Battle Royale

Latest Announcements

Hello people!
We'll be going down for around two hours today from mid-day to 2pm GMT to migrate our database data over before the big launch tomorrow!

We realise we didn't give much notice and we apologise for that! We look forward to the big launch tomorrow and hope you are excited too...

p.s here's a sneak peak at one of the updated Sphere Battles maps

Hey folks~!
Just one more week to go until we launch the Adventure Update on the server!
I'm sure you may have a bunch of questions as for how we're planning to role out launch day, but I must ask you to wait a little longer before we outline the plans. But expect a bunch of content and events on the day - keep that calendar clear!
For now, enjoy this sneak preview of our new server hub

(yes - there'll be new hub challenges, with no cave roof! Better get those parkour times in the current hub optimised before we archive the times!)

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